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Design Guidelines
 Design Guidelines Cover Picture
Purpose and Background
The Columbia Heights Design Guidelines have two primary functions:

  • To guide developers or business owners wishing to propose expansions, renovations or new construction of buildings or parking within commercial districts;
  • To assist City officials and staff in reviewing development proposals.

The Design Guidelines build on and complement recently completed streetscape improvements to the Central Avenue business district.  They were developed in 2003 by City staff, consultants and a Task Force with representatives from the City Council, Planning Commission, area businesses and landowners, and interested citizens.  A public workshop was held, including a Community Preference Survey to assess attitudes toward the built environment.

The guidelines will be linked to the Zoning Ordinance through the creation of three Design Overlay Districts that match the three Design Districts in the document.  Compliance with the guidelines will be determined through the Site Plan Approval process specified in the zoning ordinance.

The guidelines apply to all non-residential, mixed use and/or multi-family buildings, and to the following activities:

  • New Construction;
  • Any exterior changes, including repainting, with the exception of replacement or repair of existing materials;
  • Any internal remodeling or expansion activity that increases the overall size of the building by 10 percent or more;
  • Any development or expansion of parking areas that would result in a lot with more than four parking spaces.

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