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Yard Waste / Organics

Christmas Tree Disposal
Collection of Christmas trees will begin Monday, January 2, and end Friday, January 13, on the same day as garbage service. Call 763-225-8705 to schedule a pickup prior to placing tree outside.  Please make sure all decorations and lights are removed.

Yard Waste
Yard waste is picked up April through November on your refuse collection day. Set bagged or bundled yard waste on the curb in front of your home.  Brush must be bundled in manageable 3-foot lengths and cannot be more than 4" in diameter. 
rush must be bundled in manageable 3-foot lengths and can be no more than 4” in diameter. - See more at:
All brush must be bundled in manageable 3-foot lengths and can be no more than 4” in diameter - See more at:
Please call Advanced Disposal Services at (763) 225-8705 for the exact start and end dates of yard waste collection.

Yard waste bags must meet ASTM D6400 standards for compostability. The City’s waste contractor will not accept yard waste in bags that do not meet these standards.  Information about the logo and certified vendors is available at BPI World/Minnesota. Call Advanced Disposal Services customer service (763) 225-8705 with questions concerning yard waste collection.

Anoka County has two compost sites available to residents that accept tree waste, yard waste, and Christmas trees.  Please note that a fee may be charged. 

Yard Waste Carts
Yard waste cart service is available to residents, upon request. The cart cost is billed quarterly on the City utility bill.  Additional yard waste outside of the container will still be collected when bagged in the MN State mandated compostable bags. Non-multiple dwelling properties may sign up for a cart through the City of Columbia Heights by calling (763) 706-3700.

Free Organics Drop-off
Columbia Heights residents now have the opportunity to recycle organics (all food scraps and food soiled paper) at the Columbia Heights Recycling Center.  There are "Organic Only" carts at the Recycling Center that are emptied weekly and taken to an industrial composting facility.  This service is currently funded by a grant.  Please call the Public Works Department at (763) 706-3700 to receive a free organics starter kit and the required bags for organics disposal.  

Backyard Composting
If interested in composting, information is available on the Anoka County website.

*See City Code Chapter 8 Public Health and Safety; Article III: Garbage and Rubbish; § 8.301  Storage Containers (F) concerning requirements and restrictions for the City of Columbia Heights.

Contact Columbia Heights
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