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Single Family Homes and the Property Maintenance Code
Single family homes are subject to the City’s Property Maintenance Code and inspections of properties are performed on a regular or complaint basis.

Items listed below are some of the most common areas that are inspected:

  • Address numbers must be present.
    • contrasting color to the background
    • minimum of four inches in height to be visible from street or alley.
    • Alley numbers are required if an alley exists adjacent to property, regardless of whether the property has access (a driveway) to the alley.
  • Peeling paint on areas in excess of approximately 25% of the surface.
  • Broken windows, doors, or torn/missing screens.
  • Acceptable exterior storage includes:
    • BBQ grills, patio furniture, kids toys, neatly stacked fire wood, etc. Ladders may be hung on the outside of sheds or garages.
  • Unacceptable exterior storage includes most other items:
    • indoor furniture, construction materials not currently being used; tools, lawn equipment, car parts, piles of brush etc.
  • Scrub growth around foundations and fence lines is not permitted. Scrub growth is defined as any uncontrolled growth of vegetation, including weeds, bushes, and tree saplings.
  • Growth of grass and weeds is not acceptable if longer than 9 inches.
  • Unpaved Parking: Vehicles parked on any surface other than asphalt or concrete are a violation.

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