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Conduct on Licensed Premises

An important ordinance related to rental property in Columbia Heights is the Conduct on Licensed Premises/Crime Free/Drug Free and Disorderly Use Lease Requirements of chapter 5A.410.  This ordinance requires rental owners to have the specific crime free/drug free language in their lease with tenants.  We recommend landlords take the exact language from the ordinance and place it into their leases and go over it with prospective and current tenants. 

This ordinance creates communication between the police department and rental owners by having the police department send letters to landlords or managers informing them of violations on their property.  In the past, too many rental owners were not aware of crime and disorder on their property.  The city expects owners to address any disorder at the hands of tenants in order to mitigate any escalating or repeat trouble.   Failure to adequately alleviate crime or disorder on the property can lead to revocation of an owner’s rental license.  This is one reason why the city requires rental owners to conduct background checks on prospective tenants.

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