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2016 Recycling Goal
The 2016 recycling goal is 1,894 tons, which is a 3.7% increase from 2015.

Columbia Heights residents recycled 777 tons of reusable material in the first half of the year, meeting 85% of the mid-year goal.  This is less than expected, but we can easily catch up if each household recycles 77 pounds every month. Please share recycling ideas with friends and neighbors, and remind everyone to recycle at least 77 pounds next month.

 1st Quarter
2nd Quarter
July 2016
August 2016
2016 Goal
 Goal 424
 157  171 1,894
 Achieved 372
404        777
 Over/(Short) (52)
 (85)     (1,117)
 Percentage 88%
Who sets this goal?   back

What are some household recycling tips?

  • Less use of landfills and raw materials (petroleum, trees, minerals).
  • Reducing solid waste (trash) disposal saves the city money. How?
  • Recycling provides money for the Refuse fund to subsidize the cost of recycling programs and operations. Where does the money come from? 
  • Recycling costs less than one-fifth of trash collection and disposal. Refuse and Recycling charges.
  • Households can save money now by recycling more and switching to a smaller (and less expensive) garbage container service.

Use the Recycling Drop-off Center at 3801 Madison Street.

Separate organics (all food scraps and food soiled paper) from the trash and drop off at the Recycling Center.  Call the Public Works Department at (763) 706-3700 to receive a free starter kit and the required bags for organics disposal. 

Donate or sell large household items such as furniture, mattresses, etc.  See your Anoka County Recycling Guide for information and ideas about donating or visit the Anoka County Recycling and Disposal Directory.

       Recycling reusable material makes more sense than dumping in a landfill. Landfill.jpg     Recycle Center.jpg

Who sets this goal?
Anoka County sets the residential recycling goal. The City of Columbia Heights participates in the SCORE (Select Committee on Recycling and the Environment) grant program administered by Anoka County Integrated Waste Management Department.  (back)

What are some household recycling tips?
  • Read the label on top of the recycling cart which has instructions.
  • Place a recycling container (bin, box, paper bag) next to each garbage container in the house.
  • Residents can exchange the 60 gallon recycling cart for a 90 gallon recycling cart for the same low rate.
  • The hauler will always take extra recycling material outside the cart that is properly prepared (use an old recycling box or paper bags).
  • Use the Recycling Center when you have a large amount to recycle (moving, holidays, parties, etc.).
  • Use the Recycling Center scrap metal bin for household/garage metal items.  (back)

The cost to dispose of trash has increased 20% in the last year to $75/ton at approved disposal facilities (this does not include the hauler's charge). The more reusable material that is diverted to the recycle cart lowers the overall costs of disposal. For example, if the 1,894 tons to be recycled by residents of Columbia Heights were disposed of in the trash, the Refuse fund would have to pay an additional $142,000 in disposal fees.  (back)

Where does the money come from?
The Anoka County administered SCORE (Select Committee on Recycling and the Environment) grant is worth over $90,000 for the City Refuse fund and subsidizes the cost of recycling programs. The City also receives rebates amounting to 60% of the recycling material value, depending on the market. (back)

Refuse and Recycling charges
A typical household in Columbia Heights pays $2.84 per month for recycling vs. $16.20 for trash disposal. The ultimate goal is to recycle enough so that it will pay for itself, however, current amounts do not cover the total cost of the hauler’s charge (carts, trucks, drivers, fuel, etc.)   (back)

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