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Park Facilities
Park Use & Reservations
Park reservations begin on the first business day of each year. A permit must be filled out and brought to the Recreation Office located at John P. Murzyn Hall, 530 Mill Street, (763) 706-3730. Payment must be received in order to complete the reservation. The 2017 fees are as follows:
  • Residents: $45
  • Non-Residents: $65
  • Large Groups 100 people or more (resident or not): $110
Please complete the following form and return to the Recreation office: 
Park Permit

If you bring your pet with you please keep the following things in mind:
  • pets must be led by a suitable leash-make sure your pet license and all vaccinations are up to date
  • clean up after your pet, doggie stations are appearing throughout the City so please use them; use it for pet cleanup only please
  • dogs are not allowed on the public beach or into any park waters
  • fenced in ball fields are not places to let your dog off of their leash

(L)     No person shall be permitted to take any pet into any park unless it is led by a suitable leash, and in no case shall any person allow or bring any dog owned or attended by him upon any bathing beach or into any park waters, or upon any skating rink, or in any park building whether the dog is leashed or otherwise, unless so authorized in writing by the Public Works Director.

Huset West Splash Pad and Wading pool hours at McKenna and Ramsdell Parks are
10:00AM - 8:00PM
...please call Public Works with questions regarding wading pools (763-706-3700)

Park Information

Circle Terrace                                        Edgemoor Park
1271 Circle Terrace                          3950 Edgemoor Pl.
More about Circle Terrace                  More about Edgemoor

Gauvitte Park                                        Hilltop Park
4333 2nd St.                                  4657 Heights Dr.
More about Gauvitte                        More about Hilltop

Huset Park East                                    Huset Park West
3965 Jefferson St.                            3965 Jefferson St.
More about Huset East                      More about Huset West

Keyes Park                                            LaBelle Park
1345 45 1/2 Ave.                            1150 42nd Ave.
More about Keyes                           More about LaBelle

Lomianki Park                                        McKenna Park
80 39th Ave.                                   4757 7th St.
More about Lomianki                         More about McKenna

Ostrander Park                                      Prestemon Park
1500 40th Ave.                                3900 McKinley St.
More about Ostrander                       More about Prestemon

Ramsdell Park                                       Silver Lake Beach
4956 Johnson St.                             4305 Stinson Blvd.
More about Ramsdell                         More about Silver Lake

Sullivan Lake Park                         Wargo Court
721 51st Ave.                                 4100 Central Ave.
More about Sullivan

Map of City Parks                                • City Parks Listing of amenities

* Our Tobacco-Free Policy during youth related events and activities is recommended at all parks.

For all park maintenance concerns or vandalism reports please contact the Public Works Department at (763) 706-3700.

Other Non-City Parks

  • Kordiak County Park - Kordiak County Park, located in Columbia Heights at 1845 49th Avenue Northeast, is part of the Anoka County parks system and is operated and maintained by the Anoka County Parks Department. For reservation information call (763) 757-3920.
  • Silverwood Park - Silverwood Park is located in St. Anthony at 2500 County Road E and is part of the Three Rivers Park District.

Contact Columbia Heights
590 40th Ave. NE
Columbia Heights, MN 55421
Ph: (763) 706-3600
Fx: (763) 706-3601
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